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  • Durability

  • Available in an assortment of colors, catering to individual tastes.

  • Does not decompose.

  • Provides no soil nutrients

  • Increased heat retention

  • Smaller gravels could become displaced and can potentially cause property and physical damages.


Gravel - There are many varieties of gravels including sizing, texture, and color scheme. All are part of two main categories: Basic or Decorative Gravels.


  • High level of microbial life

  • Improved water and nutrient retention

  • Increases overall soil condition, allowing plant life to thrive

  • Very fine texture - can easily wash/blow away

  • Reduced insect resistance

  • Provides an excellent environment for weeds

Compost - Triple ground mulch blended with other organic material.

Rubber Mulches - Mulch created from 100% recycled rubber.

Playground Compliant Mulch - Mulch that meets the requirements set forth by The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association.

  • Regulated material ensuring children's safety.

  • Increased durability and stability

  • Increased screening for size uniformity.

  • Availability

  • Cost

Color Enhanced Mulch - wood based mulch which is artificially colored.

  • Provides a drastic color contrast for increasing aesthetics.

  • Color uniformity and longer lasting color within the mulch

  • Available in an assortment of colors, catering to individual tastes.

  • Made from wood products, not necessarily made from hardwood trees

  • Dye can wash off and seep into the soil and plant roots

  • Breaks down much slower, could require complete removal after multiple installations.

  • Encompasses all benefits from mulching.

  • Breaks down more rapidly compared to dyed mulches

  • Cost effective

  • Increased compaction rate - requiring cultivation more frequently

  • Potential to wash away easier than heavier or larger mulches

  • Based on the supplier - possibility for inconsistent colors and textures from natural wood

Natural Hardwood Mulch - an organic mulch which is ground twice for size texture and consistency.

Mulching helps contribute to the overall beautification of a property, while offering many benefits. These benefits include protects soil from erosion,

enhances soil conditions, moisture conservation, helps limit soil temperature fluctuations, and assists in the reduction of invasive weed growth.


Ground cover material can have many advantages and disadvantages, depending on it's specific application. Mulch, compost, and gravel would all be considered ground cover material.

Ground Cover Material Installations

Step 3 - Provide Appropriate Nutrients

  • Aside from appropriate moisture levels, a water soluble fertilizer is applied every 6 - 8 weeks.

  • Under and over fertilization practices have adverse effects on annuals.

  • Light Sensitivities

  • Water Requirements

  • Wind Accessibility

  • Spacing and Arrangement

Pinnacle Lawn Care and Outdoor Aesthetics believes in a three-part process to ensure annual flower beds thrive, which are to create fertile soil, select appropriate annuals, and provide sufficient nutrients.

Step 1 - Creating Fertile Soil for Annuals to Thrive

  • In new areas or planting in an existing bed, soil fertility is key.

  • Use of a proven three part mixture for annuals - Combination of topsoil, leaf compost, and mushroom compost.

Step 2 - Selection of Annuals

  • Choosing annuals appropriate for the particular application is essential.

  • An annual flower's life span is a single growing season, thus annual flower selection must reflect their intended durations.

  • Considerations in annual selection:

Annual Flower Displays

First, we consider the overall goal, existing landscape, and the advantages/disadvantages of the specific area(s). Next, we will devise a comprehensive proposal with the project's main objectives, plant selection, maintenance schedules, location limitations, and budget in mind. Being conscious of our client's schedule, the execution of a renovation is coordinated. Once completed, our professionals provide detailed recommendations to ensure new plantings adapts properly to it's new surroundings and is maintained correctly once established.

  • Boost curb appeal

  • Plantings over-crowding and overgrowth

  • Improper plant selection and maintenance

Renovations are completed usually to address the following situations:

Landscaping Bed Renovation

Plant selection is another of the very important factors for landscaping installations. Increased maintenance and failure to flourish are consequences of improper plant selection. Even the best planting practices will not help a plant to thrive if it is poorly suited for a particular site. Both site conditions and aesthetic considerations must be carefully considered to ensure proper plant selections.

  • Site conditions to take into consideration for appropriate plant selection include light availability, water availability, wind vulnerability, soil considerations, and both above and below ground conditions and obstructions.

  • Assessment of aesthetic considerations of the plant prior to selection include water and light specifications, growth habits, shape, foliage color, maintenance requirements, and insect and disease resistance

Appropriate Plant Selections and Creative Arrangements

Being the foundation of your landscaping investment,  soil receiving the new plantings needs to be supplemented if it is not naturally nutrient generous. A soil supplement is any material added to the soil to improve its physical characteristics. The goal is to provide a better environment for roots. Pinnacle Lawn Care and Outdoor Aesthetics takes into account the physical properties of the soil to determine if, when, and/or what supplement is appropriate. This process can be easily overlooked, but arguably could be one of the most important steps of ensuring your plant's durability.

Pinnacle Lawn Care and Outdoor Aesthetics is capable of bringing your vision to reality. Please call us to set up a free consultation regarding your landscaping goals.

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Soil Conditioning

Landscaping Design and Installation

Landscaping investments should be customized based on site specific needs. Outdoor aesthetics can improve not only curb appeal, but property values as well. Properly placed trees and shrubs can assist in the property's aesthetics, reduction of heating/cooling costs, and air and water filtration, among various other benefits.

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  • The natural elasticity is safe for areas of high traffic for children 

  • Environmentally friendly creation process.

  • Available in an assortment of colors, catering to individual tastes.

  • Can be displaced easily

  • Durability of this product typical outlasts its color characteristics

  • Does not enrich the soil or create soil biodiversity

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