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Our shrub and tree services are designed to provide the necessary nutrients and protection for the plant life on your property. These service can be often neglected, but is crucial to the overall health of both shrubs and trees.  This program allows for faster recovery from stress and will enhance the vigor, color, and flowering potential.

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Customized 6 Phase Tree and Shrub  Program Tailored To Your Property

Rubber Mulches - Mulch created from 100% recycled rubber.

  • The natural elasticity is safe for areas of high traffic for children 

  • Environmentally friendly creation process.

  • Available in an assortment of colors, catering to individual tastes.

  • Can be displaced easily

  • Durability of this product typical outlasts its color characteristics

  • Does not enrich the soil or create soil biodiversity

Playground Compliant Mulch - Mulch that meets the requirements set forth by The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Color Enhanced Mulch - wood based mulch which is artificially colored.

  • Regulated material ensuring children's safety.

  • Increased durability and stability

  • Increased screening for size uniformity.

  • Availability

  • Cost

  • High level of microbial life

  • Improved water and nutrient retention

  • Increases overall soil condition, allowing plant life to thrive

  • Very fine texture - can easily wash/blow away

  • Reduced insect resistance

  • Provides an excellent environment for weeds

  • Provides a drastic color contrast for increasing aesthetics.

  • Color uniformity and longer lasting color within the mulch

  • Available in an assortment of colors, catering to individual tastes.

  • Made from wood products, not necessarily made from hardwood trees

  • Dye can wash off and seep into the soil and plant roots

  • Breaks down much slower, could require complete removal after multiple installations.

Compost - Triple ground mulch blended with other organic material.

  • Encompasses all benefits from mulching.

  • Breaks down more rapidly compared to dyed mulches

  • Cost effective

  • Increased compaction rate - requiring cultivation more frequently

  • Potential to wash away easier than heavier or larger mulches

  • Based on the supplier - possibility for inconsistent colors and textures from natural wood

Natural Hardwood Mulch - an organic mulch which is ground twice for size texture and consistency.

Mulching helps contribute to the overall beautification of a property, while offering many benefits. These benefits include:

  • Protects soil from erosion

  • Enhances soil conditions

  • Moisture conservation

  • Helps limit soil temperature fluctuations

  • Assists in the reduction of invasive weed growth

Mulch Installation

  • Leaf removal and/or mulching

  • Cutting back of decorative grasses

  • Cutting back of appropriate perennials


  • Residential, commercial, and community gutter cleaning available upon request.

Fall Clean Up Services

  • Removal of accumulated winter debris, including sticks and leaves.

  • Removal of dead leaves and stalks of perennials, not removed in fall (deadheading).


  • Removal of winter weed growth.

Spring Clean Up Services

Post-emergent refers to the process of weed removal after weeds are present.  The manual removal of weeds is achieved through both hand removal of weeds and use of appropriate herbicides.  Post-emergent weed suppression should be completed weekly.

Post-Emergent Applications

The most effective method of controlling weeds, while posing little to no danger to desirable plant life. Prevents weed seeds from germinating and kills newly germinated weed seeds prior to establishment in the soil surface. This service is performed in spring and is a granular application within landscaping beds throughout your property.

Weed Pre-Emergent Applications

Weed Suppression

Landscaping Maintenance Services

Pinnacle Lawn Care and Outdoor Aesthetics understands how unsightly weeds are within landscaping and hard surface areas.  Do not let weeds overrun your investment and become the primary focus within your landscaping.  Our weed control programs encompass the entire property - both landscaping beds and hard surface areas.  Weed suppression should be completed on a weekly basis throughout the season for maximized results.

Phase 6 - Late Season Deep Root Fertilization

Late-summer application providing a third round of reinforcement against damaging insect infestation and disease growth.

An application which helps prevent damaging insect intrusion and suppresses disease development. Executed in late-spring.

Liquid application designed to reduce the population of scale insects.

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Phase 4 - Insect and Disease Control - 2nd Application

Phase 1 - Dormant Oil Application

  • Shrub Pruning

  • Rose Pruning

  • Bed Defining

  • Mulch Cultivation

  • Other Additional Services

Other Services We Provide To Our Clients

Mid-summer application providing additional assistance in protecting landscaping investments against harmful insects and fungal leaf disease damage.

Protects, nourishes, and strengthens both shrubs and trees throughout the summer months helping to improve color and recovery from winter stress.

Phase 5 - Insect and Disease Control - 3rd Application

Phase 2 - Early Season Deep Root Fertilization

We provide excellent maintenance programs for properties just like yours.  Click here to find out more.


Phase 3 - Insect and Disease Control - 1st Application

Protects, nourishes, and strengthens both shrubs and trees throughout the winter months after summer stress. Late-fall application timing.