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Crown cleaning can encompass a variety of items throughout the tree.

  • Dead Wooding - Removal of dead branches

  • Removal of Rubbing Branches

  • Removal of Diseased Branches

  • Crown Thinning - reduction of a portion of the inner structure of the crown.

Clearance Pruning

Pruning to improve sight lines. Sometimes this service can be called "canopy raising."

Vista Pruning


Topping trees is the removal, or cutting back, of large branches in mature trees, leaving large, open wounds which subject the tree to disease and decay. Topping trees causes immediate injury to the tree, and ultimately results in premature failure or death of the tree.

Tree Pruning

- Stump grinding services are also available.

Our tree removals are completed by trained arborists, and supervised by an International Society of Arboriculture Board Certified Master Arborist. These professionals utilize the latest industry equipment and safety practices. Precautions are taken to ensure minimized impact on immediate surrounding area during the removal process. After the removal, a thorough clean up of all areas affected is completed.

Complete Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

An injection to the trunk of appropriate trees, reducing fruit production. Due to the time sensitivities for the application, it is recommended to schedule the service well in advance. Common trees receiving this service include Sweetgum and Gingko.

Fruit Reduction

A basal soil drench is used to promote root strength and slow canopy growth simultaneously. The plant growth regulation service can be coupled with on going pruning. This enables reduced pruning frequency, without compromising tree's integrity. 

This service works well on distressed trees.

Growth Regulation

  • A trunk injection to Ash trees which can prevent and suppress this invasive insect.

- Emerald Ash Borer Control

After a  site specific assessment, a customized treatment program is devised to remedy the problematic situation. This service is a trunk injection which helps prevent damaging insect intrusion and suppresses disease development.

Insect Mitigation

This service involves the manual drilling and incorporation of a soil amendment to promote soil and air exchange, in addition to the reduction of soil compaction. The organic matter application is directly within root zone. This provides long term benefits for mature trees to thrive.

Root Zone Aeration

We are capable of providing precise solutions to your tree problems using the latest in industry equipment. Call us today!  


Tree Health Care

Tree Services

Pinnacle Lawn Care and Outdoor Aesthetics utilizes the services of an International Society of Arboriculture Board Certified Master Arborist, whom is one of only seven arborists in the state of Missouri currently holding this prestigious certification. This allows us to provide our clients with elite level tree service options. These services can include not only a personal consultation for prevention, recognition, and correction of tree diseases, but also include pruning and removal options as well. While many tree complications can be diagnosed on site, there is a potential for laboratory testing in certain cases. Our main goal is to provide both an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan. Please review the services we provide to our clients to ensure your trees are as healthy as possible.

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Crown Cleaning

Pruning to provide separation between trees and other objects, which could include buildings or other trees.