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Turf Installation


Sod Installation

Pathogenic fungi correction via liquid application and identification of environmental contributors.


Includes a variety of insects which feed on assorted portions of the turfgrass.

Turf complications can affect any property.  We are capable of not only identifying the problems and it's causing components, but also it's correction.  


Turf Complications - Assessment and Correction

Top Dressing

Top dressing is the process of adding a thin layer of organic material over the top of the turf area.  This improves soil biology through the addition of organic matter and the beneficial microorganisms of compost.

The dispersal of grass seed over an existing lawn.  This help consistently have younger grass, which in turn creates a healthier, thicker lawn.

Healthy lawns are not accidental.  These three services, when coupled together, provide the foundation for your healthy lawn. Consistently strengthening the foundation is required to achieve the desired results we all strive to obtain.  These services are all performed in conjunction with each other in the fall.  

Core Aeration


Core aeration is the process of pulling out a plug of grass and soil approximately one half inch wide and three inches long.  The removal of the aeration plug relieves soil compaction, while increasing gas exchange and water availability to the roots. Plugs are left on the surface to naturally dissipate.

Aeration, Seeding, & Top Dressing - Building Your Lawn's Foundation

A thorough lawn analysis is the foundation for the creation of a tailored fertilization and weed control program.  Our fertilization and weed control programs are coupled as a single service.  These services are performed by state licensed chemical application technicians with on-going training. This ensures knowledgeable technicians are on your property, capable of recognizing an array of items.  Balanced fertilization programs increase root and stalk durability, while promoting healthy growth habits.​

Pinnacle Lawn Care and Outdoor Aesthetics believes in an annual 7 step process to strengthen your lawn.  Pre-emergent applications are integrated with the first two initial stages of this service. The weed control portion of this service is modified to specifically target weeds active within a definitive interval.  Nutsedge control is also available.

Turf Fertilization and Weed Control Programs


  • Step 1 - (February 28 - April 15) Early spring fertilization with Barricade, a cooler weather crabgrass pre-emergent.​

  • Step 2 - (April 16 - May 24) Early summer fertilization with Demennision, a warmer weather crabgrass pre-emergent.

  • Step 3 - (May 25 - July 6) Mid-summer fertilization and broadleaf weed control

  • Step 4 - (July 7 - August 18)  Late-summer fertilization and broadleaf weed control

  • Step 5 - (August 19 - September 30) Early fall fertilization and broadleaf weed control

  • Step 6 - (October 1 - November 12) Fall fertilization and broadleaf weed control

  • Step 7 - Grub Control Application - a preventative application to reduce damage specifically from grubs.​​

Turf Maintenance Services​​

Mowing is the periodic cutting of a grass lawn to a specified height. The ability to tolerate mowing is one of the criteria that separate turfgrass from the rest of the grass species. Following the one-third rule, our mower's blade heights are adjusted to remove no more than the top third of the grass blades.  This will encourage stronger roots.  Mowing the lawn to a proper height can help eliminate both weeds and disease infestation, as well as assisting in the prevention of moisture loss in the turf. In our region, 3" - 4" is proper mowing height. Daily blade sharpening enables our machinery to create a clean, even cut when completed. Dull blades can rip or tear grass, further enhancing potential problems with weeds and disease. Mechanical trimming, smaller debris removal, and complete clean up are standard with our mowing service.

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